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my super duper girlfriend.

my super duper girlfriend just finished her internship,for sure her studies tooo. I'm so happy for you baby. heeeee :') 

but the great new is she will moving in together at my house,soon! Alhamdulillah, she got new job at sri petaling which are not far a way from my house. so, she decided to stay with me, yeayyyy. dia ada cakap, 

"tak boleh jugak nak lari dari kau ida,sekali satu rumah pulak, Hahaha"

well, Allah tahu macam mana kita sayangkan hubungan kita ni,sampai Dia tak bagi kita stay jauh-jauh. :')

almost 7 years dan hubungan kita kan,gaduh-gaduh tu benda biasa, tapi what a great about our relationship, we love having conversation to solve any problem. berbincang sampai nangis sedu-sedan. haha. She knows me better and peristiwa semalam lagilagilagi membuktikan yang she is my super duper girlfriend. kisah kita ke PWTC tu akan kita cerita pada anak cucu kita. Hahaha

dear super duper girlfriend,
I love you so much, I love you more than Ron love Harry Potter, I love you more than Barney Stinson love his suit, I love you more than Patrick love SpongeBob, I love you more than Mr.Crab loves his money, I love you more than Hachiko love his master, I love you more than Jacob love Bella, I love you more than Yanie love her notebook, I love you more than Nana love her cats, I love you more than Nina love westernfood, I love you more than Yana love Yaya, I love you more than Ain love his egg yolk(there are story behind this :p),and lastly I love you more than you love me. heheeeeee :')

My super duper ugly face. but you look cute in this pic.jeless

we are undeniably awesomenessss. :')

p/s: she was super duper happy moving in together with me, because her birthday just around the corner. and I will be the first person give her a birthday gift. ayoooooooo. hahaha.

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  1. alalaaaa sweetnyeeeee. dah macam boyfriend girlfriend dah hihihi yang part i love you more tu kelaka hahah eh mana ko tau aku suka western food sgt hahahahah


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