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My Random Thought : Book



I am crazy with the book and Bookstore always being my feveret place. I can get lost in a bookstore and stay all day. Everytime I  went to the mall, MPH or Popular are the place that I must/have visit. I get really in to books and I feel as if I'm the character myself as if I'm in the book. Sometimes it make me leave the reality for awhile. Interesting part is, reading a book is like a movie in your mind, actually it much better than movie because you can make the character look how you want them to look. Sometimes, you can laugh everytime you found it funny and read over and over.

This is my feveret part of Bridget Jone,The Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding.

7.30 a.m . Mark Darcy has not woken up, I know,will get up and make him fantastic fried breakfast with sausages, scrambled eggs and mushrooms or maybe Eggs Benedict or Florentine.

7.31 am, Depending what Eggs Benedict or Florentine actually are.

7.32 a.m Except do not have any mushrooms or sausages.

7.33 a.m Or eggs.

7.34 a.m Or-come to think of it- milk.

Hahaha. Bridget Jones always been Bridget Jones, If you know what I mean. 

Soon, I will have my own house, actually "umah sewa jer kot" haha. Actually,it is my brother house that he rented like 5 years already, but he will move in to Saujana Putra,which is finally his own house. After he move in, I will decorate 'my' house, as it have reading corner, which is,it have a couch beside windows and book racks. like this should be awesome,simple as that .A room with no books is like body without soul  heeee :p

Sometimes, I bought a book that have their own movie, like The Last Song, One Day, P/S I Love You . I love make comparison between movie and book,For sure laa, the book is way better. Haha. Oh, My always favourite book, One Day, have you read it? A book that bring a tear to my eyes. about the handsome guy name Dexter and beautiful girl,Emma, friend like twenty years, until they realize there are something between them,something call 'LOVE'. I feel a bit nostalgic because I dont want it to end, exactly the same feeling when JK Rowling decided to end Harry Potter Series. Oh Why??

Actually, I get pretty annoyed when people bother me when I'm reading, Its like you dreaming about this guy that you liked and then someone shout "Bangun!!!". and you back to reality, Argh, I wish I can make your throat ripped out, er,maybe not.

Mostly, I loved the smell of that book. Haha :p

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