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Pasar Percuma Malaysia at Dataran Underground!

Updated(11/12/13) : Next Pasar Percuma this Sunday, 15th December 2013, at Dataran Underground. Jom datang ramai-ramai. Ida pon pergi sana jugak dan akan bawak few things. Semua barang free okay. Nak tahu apa yang ada and gambar-gambar Pasar Percuma sebelum ni, baca artikel ni sampai habis. :)

For those yang never heard about this event, lets me explain first. Pasar Percuma is actually a free event to share resources with community. If you have things to give away for free, bring it. make sure to bring mat/tikar. But hey, If you have nothing to bring, just come over and maybe you have something interesting to take home. Just take it :')

Last event on 21th July 2013, actually it was my first time to join this event, heard about this event from timeoutkl.com. At first, I thought just to cuci-cuci mata, end up i brought things and given it for free. Haha.

I've managed to give away my nephew toys and t-shirts. yeayy! and brought back some interesting things too. so, win-win situation. hehe

Enough with talk. :')


lots of thing!




wallet made by paper

and this one is my favourite. Thankss ;')

Nak tengok map or detail, Klik sini : Pasar Percuma Facebook

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