Hello April!

Yeay, April already! eh wait,, April already? Haha, I can't believe it’s April already! Seems like yesterday it was just January, doesn’t it? Time sure seems to fly when there’s so much to do. Surprising that I turned 25 this 27th, being adult but still look 10 years younger. :p

Haha. I've been really busy with my life especially beginning of this year when I started to working with Virtual Malaysia. 

Last week, I was busy handling this blogger gathering for Virtual Malaysia, and this blogger gathering is different from other such gatherings because bloggers were allowed to bring along family members to have a fun outing. Thanks to Farm In The City for generously sponsoring the venue and food for the Virtual Malaysia Blogger Gathering.

I will update the story about the gathering in an upcoming entry .

Btw,I just knew this guy, awesome traveller or blogger, Josh Cahill, check his blog by click the link : http://www.gotravelyourway.com/ . Handsome and cute mat salleh . Hehe :)

Actually, sekarang tengah geram dekat Islam sebab still tak contact, tak tahu flight dia pukul berapa, dia dah on the way ke belum, tak tahu apa-apa. try to call him using phone office tapi dia tak jawab. Lompat2 bagi release tension. Grrrr.


  1. wahhhh happy birthday in advance boleh tak iday hehehehe:)

    1. Wahhhh, jadi orang pertama wish besday! Hahha. Thanks anyway :)

  2. Happy birthday in advance!! =)