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Technology Advancing in Sports

Technology surrounds us in almost every area of our lives. From transportation to our workplaces, to our homes; technology has made great strides. It is to the point now that we could not live without technology. We are always in search of the next best, faster, more efficient item or process. We want that instant gratification.

Sports and Technology

In the world of sports, technology is about design, materials, and electronics. Take the snowboard for example. It evolved from two skis attached together, to the modern snowboard. Snowboarding became an Olympic & Paralympic sport. Snowboarding has also divided into several subcategories including freestyle, alpine, boarder-cross and others. Each of these has their own specific twist on the sport.

Snowboard on Wheels

Further technology a little more by adding wheels and a small engine, and you have the mountain board. Think snowboard on wheels. You may think this is a new sport, but it actually came into being in the 1990s in Europe and has since gone global. With mountain boarding, you get the rush of snowboarding without the snow. You also can use a mountain board on a variety of terrains such as flat land, hills, valleys, grass, gravel, and so forth. Wherever you find mountain biking you can find mountain boarding. It is actually much more versatile than a snowboard.

What Makes it Work?

A mountain board includes a motor, power source and controls. The controls are for acceleration and braking. It is always fun to go faster, but it is also safer to have brakes. For those who have boarding skills, you will find mountainboarding very easy. For those with no prior skill, it is simple to learn to ride making mountain boarding a sport for everyone.

Rules of the Ride

There are a few rules you need to know to mountain board. Gravity will pull you down hill. Friction, which comes from the brake will control the speed and stop you. A lower center of gravity will help you keep your balance; in other words, squat low. To turn right, put pressure on the left side. To turn left put pressure on the right side. Voila! The simple rules to mountain boarding!

Try Before You Buy

There are many different styles of mountain boards. The best thing you can do is try the sport out before you buy your own board. There are mountain boarding centers where you can try it out. As you perfect your boarding techniques you will be better prepared to buy your own board. Ask questions and gain knowledge about boarding. There are some stores that sell second-hand boards. This could be a middle step to buying the exact board you want.

Fame and Culture

Beyond the technology, mountain boarding has developed its own sports culture. Much like snowboarding, there are avid mountain boarders. They have put together a strong competition scene as well.


Technology is dominant in boarding sports. The evolution from the snowboard, to skateboard, to mountain board is a good one. It allows boarders to have a year around season - snow or no snow. A search on the internet will get you lined up with the sport of mountainboarding. This is a sport for individuals, families and groups. Get out and enjoy it!

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