Movie Review : The Secret of Walter Mitty



Aku tengok cerita ni lepas 2 hari keluar, after boling dengan ofismate. Actually masa mula-mula, plan nak tengok cerita Delivery Man. tetapi aku tengok rating untuk cerita The Secret of Walter Mitty ni lagi tinggi. so, kitorang pergi tengok. 

Awesome gila! The film is a definite recommend! Loved it from beginning to end and was so uplifting. Cerita ni buat korang buka mata tentang hidup. 

Actually It’s hard to express what this movie made me feel. It was simple and the message was extremely inspirational. The imagery and cinematography was awesome and I had so many emotions during every scene. This movie make you already connect to Walter Mitty.

Maybe a lot of us feel plain and like a beige piece of paper sometimes.  We day dream and imagine different scenarios in our heads of more excitable moments we could be having. What’s awesome is we can have those moments and our own awesome story. No gigantic change to your own self needs to happen, just action.

So, see this movie. If you don’t get the same feelings from it that I did, at least you get to see some awesome cinematography. (Sean Penn is awesome in it even though he’s barely in it.)
Below is famous quotes from this movie, or I should said BRILIANT AWESOMENESS QUOTES! :P
Sean O'Connell
"Beautiful things don't ask for attention"
Life Magazine's Motto
"To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life"

Not mention the soundtracks for the movie. I kept repeated the song over and over. This is my favourite soundtrack in this movie.

Worth Watching :)

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