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Saya Iday! 

I'm Malaysian Blogger based in Kuala Lumpur. I shared about events, travel places, great foods, tips, recipes, lifestyle, information and contests. 

And this is my husband, Islam.

He's also writer and photographer for this blog.

He has blog, you can check this link >> http://www.akumohdfakhrulislam.com/.

and this  is us!

Been doing a lot of fun stuff with my husband such food review, services review, hotel review, product review and many more. We love to share everything in my blog with his awesome photos. We have passion in our blog and its not for money! But if someone offer something, we should grab it right! :p

Anyways, I talk too much and way too fast. Words running amok in my head. 

Writing/blogging helps me to organize and share my thoughts, so people can understand the world, the way that I see it. 

Interested for any advertorial post, food review, product review, event invitation?

This is my email : sayaiday@gmail.com :) or you can fill up form here >> Contact


  1. salam ramadhan , saya follow sini :)


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