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Siapa Admin Daebaking? Kawan Islam?

Friday, March 24, 2017
Iday rasa semua orang tahu tentang Daebaking kan? 

Facebook page yang memang tengah popular dan viral sekarang. Iday memang tak pernah miss tengok video yang diupload oleh Daebaking.  Admin Daebaking akan translate bahasa korea dengan bahasa melayu. Yang kelakar, bukan bahasa melayu yang formal tetapi bahasa Melayu pasar atau rojak. 

Iday rasa start viral kerana watak Hidayah yang cuba mencari boyfriend tetapi selalu dapat boyfriend yang "hanat" . Hahaha

Kebanyakkan kawan-kawan Iday yang tengok video Daebaking akan ketawa dengar subtitle bahasa melayu dalam video. Paling selalu diorang ketawa bila ada mention nama "Hidayah". 

Diorang rasa kelakar sebab sama dengan nama iday. Nama penuh iday kan Nor Hidayah.

Mula-mula tu, iday tak ambil kisah sangat dengan nama Hidayah. Maybe kebetulan je Admin Daebaking suka dengan nama Hidayah. 

Tapi bila, ada video terbaru dan nama wataknya adalah Fakhrul, iday tertanya-tanya siapa adamin Daebaking. 

Kawan Islam ke? Hahaha Oh, nama penuh Islam adalah Mohd Fakhrul Islam. Hehehe

So, memang kebetulan yang agak kelakar. Hahaha

Tapi yang penting Fakhrul and Hidayah yang real ni dah kahwin lama. Haha

Tak kisah la siapa Admin Daebaking, iday harap akan ada lebih banyak video-video macam. Memang ketawa je, terus hilang stress. Hahaha

Ini antara video favorite Iday :

Pandai betul Admin Daebaking ni Hahaha

So, korang pon layan juga video Daebaking? Kenal ke admin Daebaking? Hehehe

Till then, Bye from Hidayah 😆😆😆

Cool Ways To Transform Your Executive Condo

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Executive Condos or ECs have lately become popular unlike in the past. With the city’s lifestyle, one needs a place to call home which is accessible and comfortable. They allow new buyers to raise their families, connect with friends and still have the convenience of visiting the city, workplaces, malls, restaurants, parks, schools and daily needs. But the major setback that new buyers experience is the limited condo space, conventional design, and finishes. 

Creativity and interest can town your condo into your dream home. Whether it is big or small, it can be an opportunity to put your skills and creative mind to work, in turning the condo from a basic look to a style you can relate to. A place you call home should help you relax your mind after a long day and play with the kids in your very own garden. A condo does not necessarily have to be expensive, time and skills are all you need to turn it to an admirable house.

To prove that limited space should not hinder you in enjoying your condo, this article will give you great ideas and tips on how to transform your executive condo elegantly. The interior designs and creative organization are all it takes for you to transfigure your condo.

The professional

If have moved into a new neighborhood because of work, you need a condo that reflects your work. Since you spend most of your day at work, your condo is basically for sleeping and eating. You do not have to fill your interior space with unnecessary clutter because most of the time you are away anyway. Opt for white, black and gray colors or a combination of bold brown and tan. 

Place your furniture and appliances where you can easily access such as the television and a cozy sofa. Additionally, you can opt to have a couch that converts to bed to save money and space. Again if you have guests, you can have a place for them to rest.

The simple ones

Not everyone fancies color or loud arrangement. The timeless condo design would be the minimalist for you. Simplicity, simple method and a beautiful bed are all you need. Install bookshelves and simple chandeliers with a little architecture interest which leaves your space elegant. The significant gesture to the simple look is keeping the space neat and tidy so not to have a full living room.

The three primary things that the simple condo must keep in mind while choosing the design is planning, maximum use of the space and self -expression. Always have a working budget before you go shopping for the interior décor of your condo. Be efficient in planning and part of the design team so no time and money would be wasted. Remember the condo represents your personality, lifestyle and make you feel at home.

The Palace

When your character reflects royalty, your condo should do too. Space should not limit you in designing your space to a palace. Be creative, glamorous and elegant as you do not have to break a bank to have your palace which is shimmery and splendid. Choose curtain colors that are attractive and outstanding which bring out your window space in an impeccable manner.

Place mirrors strategically on the wall to make space look bigger. In this kind of home design, you have to play around with Disney inspired colors and furniture. Cute profile, fur, and patterns of polka and swirls will add a great finishing touch. Additionally, you can go for the bold look if you do not like the Disney colors and shimmery look.

Strokes of music

A musician can get inspired by space. Art and music go hand I hand with creativity. Similarly, combine music with patterns, color and a spice of creativity, and your condo will be the best place you want to be at the end of the day. For the music junkies, or fans of the entertainment industry you can combine art and musical instrument to define your interior design. Get your inspiration from musicians that you love. You can draw or buy a picture of your favorite music band or actors such as James Bond and the Maroon 5 band.

Choose any bold base color of the wallpaper but fill it with your kind of inspiration and likings. You could use decors like a signed framed T-shirt, old CDs. Posters, cassettes, and guitar and fit them on the wall like a puzzle. Depending on your liking you can use vibrant colors such as shades of blue or toned shades of green, gray and brown.

One Shade

There is beauty in simplicity. Are you stuck with one color option? Do not worry; you can play around with shades and tints of your color choice. All you need is to build your focus on the color and create a pattern to bring out the different shades and range palette. Choose colors that bring out your personality such as green to reflect calmness and red for energy, love, and excitement.

Whatever your color choice, work around it using condo decors and simple materials that will improve the interior décor final look. Bed sheets, chandelier, lampshade, wallpaper and the paint color can boost the outlook of your small condo.

The Vintage

The back to the 60’s look and retro are timeless home designs that never get out of fashion. Vintage has lately been coming back as seen in the fashion industry, music, art and recreational spaces. Vintage gives an individual the feeling of coziness, relaxation while having old school vibes with your friends and family.

To bring the vintage idea into your condo, have the primary 60’s colors such as brown, earthy green, maroon orange, and red. Place collected suaver ni ours, old catalogs, old typography in your living room décor. A good sofa with earthy color and a wooden dining table and an old teapot that lies around the dining table will create a perfect old school-new school kind of design for your condo. Black and white photos of you on the wall and some disco lights will spice up the whole design at an affordable price.

For the love of nature

Natural scenes are effective in relaxing your mind from all the busy streets and traffic all day. Get your inspiration from a place you have visited and wants to visit. Nature kinds of sceneries are hard to find when living in busy cities but you can always improvise in your condo.

Nature painting on the walls, a nest placed on the outside of the window gives you a feeling of living outside the noisy city. Shades of green and brown colors for the wall and a fish pet can help you have a perfect feel of nature at the comfort of your condo.

Glass is class

Turn your condo into the house of glass. Let the sun rays hit your face in the morning and cuddle in the moon at night. The sight is always good at night when it’s not rainy or cold. Imagine looking at how it’s raining when you sleep? Or how the snow falls?

The glass is stylish, classy, unique and relaxing. Bright colored sofas and wall hangings will add the needed coziness required in the condo. Add high-quality blinds to block the sun when it’s too bright or too hot.

Art gallery

If you are an art lover, you have probably visited an art gallery at least once. You have seen how paintings are hanged against one monochrome color which is bold and outstanding. If you have the background knowledge of how an art gallery looks like then you will have an easy time decorating your condo. Paint a bold monochrome color and place your favorite-framed paintings against the wall. Put the pictures diligently and creatively.

So, which one is your favorite? :)

4 Perkara Wajib Kena Buat Bila Nak Kurus

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Iday pregnant anak kedua ke?"

Yes, Iday pernah dapat soalan macam tu gara-gara Iday naik 13KG. Dari berat 50KG menjadi 63KG. Iday memang dah perasan yang berat badan naik. Lagi-lagi Iday selalu rasa penat. Naik tangga sikit pon rasa penat. 

Tapi, ada satu hari tu buat Iday buka mata untuk turunkan berat badan betul-betul. 

Iday saja-saja la buka galeri gambar dekat phone Islam. Iday terjumpa gambar  bawah ni iaitu gambar bersama kawan Islam yang baru je kahwin. Iday terkejut sebab Iday nampak sangat berisi dan nampak lebih tua dari Islam. Tiba-tiba rasa insecure dan rasa tak sepadan dengan Islam. 

Sedih sangat perasaan Iday masa tu. So, Iday nekad nak kurangkan berat badan. Iday start amalkan 4 perkara wajib kena buat bila nak kurus ni. 

1. Minum air masak setiap hari

Wajib minum air masak 2-3 liter sehari. Air masak bantu meningkatkan metabolisme badan dan buat kita rasa kenyang. Banyak sangat kelebihan minum air masak dan salah satunya bantu kita dalam proses detox atau turun berat badan.

2. Jauhkan minuman manis dan ais

Alhamdulillah, sekarang Iday berjaya tak sentuh ais. Iday rasa dah sebulan lebih. Lansung tak terasa nak minum minuman berais. Minuman berais ni tak elok sebab menjadi punca perut buncit dan lemak pada lengan. 

Sama la dengan minuman manis especially berkarbonat tu. Minta jauh la. Sekali minum, berapa banyak kalori yang masuk dalam badan dan penyebab penambahan berat badan. Cuba avoid ye!

3. Jaga kuantiti makanan dan jenis makanan

Awal-awal dulu, iday cuma kurangkan kuantiti nasi dan lebihkan lauk. Tapi sekarang Iday dah boleh tak makan nasi. Lidah melayu kan susah kalau tak makan nasi. Tapi Iday berjaya tak sentuh nasi. Kalau teringin sangat, iday makan sesuap dari pinggan Islam. Hahaha

Kalau boleh, korang masak sebab korang boleh pantau garam atau penggunaan minyak. Seeloknya jangan selalu sangat amalkan makanan bergoreng. Iday sekarang selalu bawa bekal ayam panggang dan sup sayur. Hehe

4. Senaman jangan lupa

Ini yang paling susah orang nak follow kan? Awal-awal ni cuba biasakan badan dengan senaman ringan. Jalan-jalan dekat taman ke atau buat senaman simple di rumah seperti plank atau squat. Sekarang Iday follow senaman dari applikasi dekat Google iaitu 30 Days Fitness Challenge. Lepas ni boleh la join aktiviti run. Hehe

Ini memang 4 perkara wajib yang korang kena follow kalau nak kurangkan berat badan. Iday pula tambahkan usaha dan cepatkan proses pengurangan berat badan dengan makan supplemet dan sapu minyak panas pada bahagian yang Iday nak kurus. 

Ini produk yang Iday guna sekarang dan Iday nak share dekat korang sebab setakat ni Iday consume, Iday memang berjaya turun berat badan.

Korang pernah dengar tentang Apple Fibre Plus? 

Sebenarnya dah ramai yang cuba dan berjaya kurangkan badan dengan amalkan consume Apple Fibre Plus. Yang penting produk ini memang mendapat kelulusan KKM dan mendapat Halal certificate dari JAKIM.

Datang dalam bentuk pil dan memang mudah untuk amalkan. Iday biasa amalkan waktu pagi sebelum sarapan dan sebelum tidur. Banyak kelebihan Apple Fibre Plus dan yang paling ketara Iday rasai sendiri adalah: 

- Bantu menambah tenaga
- Mengurangkan berat badan
- Membuang toksin dalam badan
- Mengurangkan dan mengawal selera makan

Lain-lain kelebihan yang ada pada Apple Fibre Plus adalah menstabilkan hormon, mengurangkan kolestrol dan menghalang pembentukan lemak.

Setiap botol ada 30 biji pil dan mampu bertahan selama 2 minggu. Iday baru habiskan 1 botol. Hehe 

Sambil-sambil Iday makan pil, Iday juga menggunakan Apple Lotion. Iday akan sapu pada bahagian yang Iday nak kecilkan seperti perut, lengan dan paha.

Iday selalu sapu pada badan sebelum melakukan exercise. Pada mereka yang kurang bersenam pon boleh juga gunakan lotion ini sebelum tidur. 

Iday suka dengan Apple Lotion kerana tidak berminyak dan mudah menyerap dalam kulit. Kalau pakai, memang akan rasa panas tetapi tetap selesa. Hehe

Antara kelebihan Apple Lotion ini adalah dapat membantu kempiskan perut buncit, lengan dan paha. Lagi cepat la pengurangkan berat badan korang nanti. Hehe

Oh, Korang boleh check testimoni customer lain dekat link ni :

Harga sebotol Apple Fibre Plus adalah RM69 dan Apple Lotion adalah RM50. Iday bertuah sebab dapat harga promosi untuk 3 botol + Apple Lotion iaitu RM110. 

Iday tak sure promosi ni masih available ke belum, korang boleh check dengan Ms Wanda (018-9070583) sebab Iday beli dengan dia hari tu. Hehehe

Tapi sekarang Iday memang berpuas hati sebab berjaya kurangkan berat sebanyak 3KG dalam masa 2 minggu. Setakat ni just follow 4 perkara wajib tu (tapi yang senaman tu kurang sikit sebab malas hahaha) dan amalkan Apple Fiber Plus :)

Kalau korang berminat untuk order, boleh check contact number dibawah:

+6018-9070583 (Wanda) / +6016-3501993 (Fifi)

Till then, Bye!

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