Kisah Cinta Fadhilah dan Lelaki Korea Aiman


Wah wah wah, 

ramai yang jeles and adore dengan pasangan ni especially yang gila kpop. Hehehe Nasib baik aku dah kahwin and husband persis korea. Eh, Hahaha main-main je, Islam takde muka korea pon tapi muka pelembut hati beta. gituuu :p

Actually, cerita ni pon iday dapat dari twitter, viral betul. Jodoh dia dengan lelaki korea yang berwajah kacak. Macam mana diorang jumpa? Lama ke diorang bercinta? Actually diorang dah kahwin almost setahun. Lama tu, iday pon belum sampai setahun. nak jugakkkkk. Haha

Ni cerita iday copy dari blog Fadhilah, kalau copy kena credit. Hehehehe Nanti nak buat cerita jugak la, macam mana kenal Islam. hehehehe


This post is dedicated to my future self and kids.

Kids, do you wanna know how I met your father?
It might not be as long as 8 seasons of a sitcom or something fancy but it's still one of the memories I cherish. 

Let's start with the first meeting.

I was in BUDDIES (UTM student organization) at that time. I was assigned new international students every semester. That time, Niko and your father had been assigned to me. The international office had a program to bring the students around the campus, Mydin and Legoland at that time. I joined them and that's the very first photo of us together and Niko (Hi Niko! How are you?)

I greeted him in Korean "anyeonghaseyo" and he said "oh you speak good Korean". Trying to show off I said, "I even know 18, Gae*eki (curse words in Korean)". Until today, your father will bring this up- that I cursed to him on the very first meeting lol. His first impression of me must be that I'm rude. Mine was oh wow he can speak English better than any other Koreans I've met before. And that's that. No more. Nothing like omg he's handsome I'm melting, no.

As we had meals together with other international students, we got more comfortable with each other and we started to hang out in the library. Your dad is a hardworking student. I bet he can stay in the library for 24 hours to study and study and study (we did that a few times, staying in the 24 hour room to do assignments). I thought maybe if I study together I can be a hardworking student like him so we always meet at the library.

Months later, we got really close. He's the closest brother I had so far. 
Or so I thought...

He confessed that he loves me.
I be like... 
"WHAT THE... You must be kidding? You're Korean"

"So? I'm a human too"


My parents won't believe it. Then he talked to them about marrying me.
"I really like Fadhilah. I'm serious and sincere about her so I wanna marry her"

3 months later, ......... okay, boleh click link bawah ni . Blog Fadhilah. Hehehehe ada gambar nikah dia jugak. And korang boleh la nak baca kisah-kisah lain jugak. Hehehehe

Tapi iday suka betul cara lelaki korea or Aiman  approach Fadhilah, berani jumpa family Fadhilah. Kan bagus macam tu. Diorang belum buat majlis betul2 lagi sebab masing-masing masih belajar. Masa Fadhilah kahwin pon umur dia 21. Kahwin muda ni bagus, macam Islam kahwin muda. Iday memang kahwin masa umur sesuai. Hehehe

Nanti bila dah kahwin, dah jadi ibu. cuba la jadi ibu yang terbaik. Nak jadi ibu terbaik kena belajar dari ibu sendiri. Hehehe Nah, iday share 10 rahsia ibu yang patut kita contohi. Bukan setakat suami, anak anak pon sayang. Klik link bawah :)

p/s : Hari tu seronok baca semua jeles Lana kahwin dengan David Sado, kali ni Fadhilah yang kahwin dengan lelaki Korea. Jodoh dik Jodoh, jangan ikut perasaan sangat. Hehehehe :p Jangan usha lebih-lebih, laki orang . Doakan diorang baik-baik je. Hehe

jangan marah yer :)


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